‎"If you think you might need somebody To pick you up when you drag Don't loose sight of yourself Don't let anyone change your bag And if the whole world's singing your songs And all of your paintings have been hung Just remember what was yours is everyone's from now on"

- Wilco


Alana | 28 | NYC

I'm an artist

I have my MFA in fine art (painting)

I make gifs, graphics, and edits

I take requests, so feel free to ask



Pride & Prejudice


re-watching supernatural season 8

crying over X-Men and Erik/Charles

listening to



cool people


I was tagged by Karen.

The rules:

Karen’s questions:

  1. A book you liked as a child that doesn’t hold up well now? A book that does?
    I don’t remember liking a book as a child that doesn’t hold up well. I still like The Outsiders, and I loved that as a kid.
  2. A MOVIE you liked as a child that doesn’t hold up well now? A movie that does?
    A movie that doesn’t hold up well would be Space Jam. hahaha
    A movie that does hold up well would be STAR WARS (original trilogy)
  3. List three ridiculous things you would do if you had infinite money and no consequences.
    I don’t know if they’d be “ridiculous” because that’s just not my personality, but I would go to London and see a lot of plays, buy a huge painting studio to work in by myself, and probably go shopping and buy a ton of haut couture clothes.
  4. Unicorn or pegasus? I don’t care.
  5. Unpopular opinion, a ship that you just DNW? Katniss/Gale  EWWW GROSS. Peeniss/Everlark forever.
  6. A show you started out loving totally and now you cannot stand it? Glee.
  7. A show you started out thinking it was awful and now you can’t get enough? I can’t think of one.
  8. What type of wings would you have? I don’t care.
  9. Favorite Disney film? Sleeping Beauty. (it’s epic).
  10. What animal would you be for a day? A cat.
  11. To you, does cilantro taste like delicious? Or does it taste like the tears of starving orphans? I love cilantro.

For those tagged to answer:

  1. What is the best concert you have ever been to? And how many concerts have you been to?
  2. Favorite musical? (Broadway or Movie).
  3. A song that makes you cry?
  4. What’s the one OTP that makes you crazy with feels more than any other? Explain.
  5. Favorite film score?
  6. What’s the first movie that you remember obsessing over?
  7. Who do you like better, Marlon Brando or James Dean?
  8. What is your favorite city?
  9. Is there any other time period where you think you would fit in most/have most fun in?
  10. If you could travel with The Doctor as his companion, would you?
  11. What band or musician did you love as a kid and are totally embarrassed of now?

NOTE: I don’t know who Karen tagged, so I’m sorry if you were tagged in this already.

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